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Isreal Gets A New King, What's in the Bible

If you want to help your children learn more than just bible stories this is the DVD series for you!

With a mix of live action, animation and puppets Phil Vischer has created a new way to teach children all about the bible. I really appreciate the fact that this is more than just bible stories. It is filled with easy to understand definitions, historical information concerning the times, places and customs of the people, and in -depth teaching about the books.

This is the 5th in the What's In the Bible series. It is conveniently seperated into two parts: the first being 1 Samual, the second being 2 Samuel and the first part of 1 Kings.

Micheal introduces this first part by saying that we will learn about the "intangible value of unseen people". The children are taught about Isreal's request for a king to lead them. After annointing a tall and impressive King Saul the Isrealites are pleased with their choice when he takes care of the Philistines. However, from Saul children are taught that "God doesn't want us to be impressive, He wants us to be obedient". This is a lesson all of us need to hear, but it is especially important for children to grab hold of this invaluable truth since the world is always telling our children what they have to do and be in order to be useful or important. In this section children see that obedience to God is what matters and that it is the best thing you can do. In this section children are also introduced to David and the trinity. I am so impressed with the way that the trinity is explained and illustrated in this video!!! Such a complex thing to explain and yet with the use of puppets, and song Phil Vischer slams the definition home. The song is cute and catchy and any child will easily remember it.

The second part is introduced by the Pirate singing "David was a King and he did lots of things...." I just love all the music and funny jokes that are hidden in this. The theology that is taught is biblically sound but is brought down to a child's level in comedy, story and song. These things will not be quickly forgotten. How many children do you know that can explain what the Davidic Covenant was and why it was so important? - - - You will know a lot more after this video is shown around.

This sections chronicles the life of David - and even explores the story of David and Bathsheba. I thought the way this was handled and explained made it very easy for children at any age to understand. The outstanding lesson taught is the correct attitude of repentence (including a very thourogh definition of the word repent); and the difference between God's forgiveness and the consequences of sin. Children learn that although God will forgive them when they repent, they must still face the consequences of this sin. I loved the puppet's comment, "Once again sin messes up a perfectly good story".

This ends with another cute and catchy song about David
"2 Samuel the book that tells
the reign of David the King of Isreal
He had some highs, he had some lows
Read 2 Samuel to learn about those....."
then it concludes - -
"Just like you and I do David messed up
Let's just say he did some pretty bad stuff
But he was really, really sorry for missing the mark
that's why he was called a guy after God's own heart..."

Overall this is an excellent video for children of all ages - even adults will enjoy it.

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