Friday, May 13, 2011

Lilies in the Moonlight, Allison Pittman

Out on her own, Lilly Margolis, finds herself selling makeup to the affluent of the town in order to scrape by. Even in these dire circumstances the contageousily energetic Lilly fills the nights on the town fully enjoying the 20's flapper life style. However, after just such a night out Lilly falls and twists her ankles, hurt and disoriented Lilly finds herself in the backyard of the Burnside family. Never did she imagine that one night out would change her entire life.

Nor did the Burnside family count on one quirky, life-filled energetic young lady to change their world. Betty Ruth and her disfigured veteran son Cullen are merely passing their days. Cullen, battling the fatique of war and disfigurement daily cares for his widowed mother who suffers from increasing dementia. In this house grey hopelessness has settled and Lilly is just the one to bring life into a stifling situation.

Fearing that Lilly will dupe his mother out of money Cullen is on gaurd. But even so, he finds himself drawn to this unquenchable breath of life, the indistiguishable flame of enthusiam. Thus begins a journey of two people gaurding against love and fighting their own demons.

Will they find the courage to face their individual secrets and come to term with the things that most haunt them in order to find true love and healing.

An excellent read.

Thank you Multnomah for this review copy.

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