Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Measure of a Young Man, Gene Getz, & Kenton Getz

This is such a touching book! Written by Gene Getz originally as a series of letters to his son then in Junior High this book explores the principles of 1 Timothy 4:12. After becoming a husband and father himself Kenton Getz has teamed up with his father to write this book based on those letters so that every one could benefit from the wisdom of a father to a son.

As I began reading this I could not help but think of David as he prayed for Solomon and as he laid out for Solomon biblical principles to live by. This is just that. A road map for young men to study and learn from.

Within the pages are 7 principles that have several sub topics that expound on the main principle. This would be great for a father to work through with the son. In fact to take such an approach would make this book and the things addressed more important to your son.

This is set up in a bible study format which makes it easy to break down into different sessions to work on. Also there are sections called "Special Assignment" and "Personal Application". After all the best truths are those that one knows how to use and feels are personally applicable to their life.

This is a must read for teen boys (even preteens) to offer hope, encouragement and a little direction in this tumultuous time.

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy.

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