Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project Dad, Todd Cartmell

Project Dad is a humorous and practical guide book written by a dad to other dads. Todd Cartmell’s warm and engaging style will have fathers laughing from the first few pages, and gives doable hands-on advice for becoming a better dad. This book will make an excellent Father’s Day gift!

This is a humorous yet practical book filled with great insight from Todd Cartmell!
Each chapter ends with a part called Key Points - an overview of what was learned, and Getting to Work - ways to put the information into use.

The idea is that as a father "you are to become a fisher of the great things in your children.." and "if you are to become a fisher of great things in your children you have to be looking for great things in your children" (p.42). How true this is! I see this very thing modeled in my husband - and as I read this book I had to smile. He is forever looking for ways to encourage our four children, picking up all the little things that I sometimes overlook: like using good manners, picking up something with out being told, or kind actions toward others. He is also always pointing out the talents our children have and encouraging them in their uniqueness. So, as I read this I was glad to see that such things were being written about - and practical examples being given. Cartmell is not giving a point by point plan to follow, but rather encouraging Dads to step up to the plate and be real.

I also liked the part that pointed out to Fathers the impact of their words. Sometimes that deep voice is so scary. Cartmell simply states it this way; "Because your a father, your words have the power of dynamite.." (WOW!!! Have you thought of that?!),"...From the day your children are born they indistinctly trust your love and rely on your wisdom./...what you say must simply be true.../especially when its about them." Such simple wisdom but so often overlooked! Cartmell does a fantastic job of bringing these simple, often overlook truths to the light.

Its not all the fishing trips, or hunting, or the baseball/football games - it's the relationship that matters.

Finally I liked Cartmell's statement of what a great dad is "A great dad will remind his children of the greatness that God has placed inside of them and will profoundly impact their tomorrows through the power of their words today." (p.72)

Humorous and easy to read - I loved this book. Truly the perfect Father's Day gift. Instead of pointing out inadequacies or giving a check list to follow this book encourages Dads to embrace their very special very important position that God has entrusted them to.

My husband is the Project Dad complete - this book encouraged me and well as him. For Dad's that are discouraged or feel that they are missing the mark this book will lift their spirits and give them great ideas.

Thank you Revell for this Review Copy.

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