Thursday, May 19, 2011

Winning Him Without Words, Lynn Donavan, and Dineen Miller

"Un-equally yoked" - what does this mean anyway? A terma widely used within the church but I don't think totally explained.

In this book the authors address this very thing: A marriage that has one person without faith convictions and one that has these convictions.

For the spouse who has come to the saving knowledge of Christ after marriage or the one who has grown spiritually since the marriage this book offers insight and encouragement.

The candid and open writing makes this book an easy read. Within the pages a person can find encouragement to continue doing what the bible has instructed us to do - win our spouse by our actions. Through practical applications and lots of scripture the reader is given new tools to use.

I was very excited as a Pastor's wife and Women's Ministry Leader to get this book. I can't wait to pass it on to ladies in my church and in our community. I think that God will move in mighty ways as more wives read this material and study more deeply the scriptures. This book is not a fix all from man's perspective but rather depends fully upon the scriptures.

Thanks to Gospel Light for this review copy.

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