Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dopple Ganger Chronicles, The Secret of Indigo Moon, G.P. Taylor

The second in this series is no less exciting than the first. We received the first and third as review copies but missed out on this one. So, we borrowed it from another reviewer! What a blessing.

My daughter (10 years old) devoured the book. I think what makes these books so appeal ling to children and teens is the way the book is deigned, graphic arts pages with differing type sets, traditional pages, then the comic book pages. It is also visually interesting because the pages are all bordered in black.

The material in this one does have some themes that may not be appropriate for very young children such as the talk of murder and the pictures of guns. However, I did not find the story line to be inappropriate.

Again in this novel Sasha and Saski Dopple are paired with Eric Ganger. We are again introduced to the "bad" guys from the last story and introduced. Get ready for non stop action and antics as they try to discover the secret of indigo moon.

Thanks Tyndale.

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