Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Gopple Ganger Chronicles, GP Taylor

Saskia and Sascha Dopple and Erik Morrissey Ganger are at it again in the third book of this series. Eric is on his way to become a detective and the twins have found a home with their dear, albeit strange, friend Muzz Elliot.

Get the three of these kids together and action, adventure, and non-stop antics is sure to happen. With it's great typeset this graphic novel is enjoyable to read. just the cover alone makes a reader want to crack open the book and read the story. All the special type and art combined with the comic book style pages makes this a great read.

As before this book is suited for older elementary students - especially those who find traditional novels difficult to read.

The twins and Eric are thrown into a mystery when a threatening letter arrives addressed to Muzz Elliot. They must solve the mystery of who is behind the crimes and stay alive at the same time. In this book Eric is teamed up with a new character Dorcas Potts who adds a new dimension to the entire cast. To add to the excitement the crimes come straight from the pages of Muzz Elliots own book - who are these masterminds that are trying to frame Muzz Elliot.

At one point Erik is introduced to a mysterious man who speaks truths into his life. Erik must decide what to do - which way is right.

Kids will love this book .
Thanks Tyndale for this review copy.

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