Thursday, June 9, 2011

MagicKeepers: The Chalice of Immortality, Erica Kirov

I did not read the first two books, however this did not distract from this book. It is easily a read alone book but I am sure the previous two add to the story.

Nick and his cousin Isabella are the next generation of magic keepers. The story begins with them in training for this very special job. However, Nick has a very special destiny - one that he sees in a vision. He sets out to visit the one lady that could clarify his mission. Talking his father and grandfather into an outing her goes to visit the old seer, but while there he is found by the Shadow Keepers who put a deep and ancient spell on his father.

The only way to break the spell is to find the Chalice of Immortality, but to do this they must undertake a very dangerous journey. Accompanied by Theo, Boris, and his cousin Isabella they set out to find the one thing that will break the spell. They must find it before the Shadow Keepers and keep it from falling into deadly hands.

The story is not stop action from the beginning to the end. In the journey the children face all sorts of obstacles and must make decisions that will alter their lives.

This book is filled with magic and witchcraft and therefor I recommend that parents review the material prior to giving it to the children.

Erica Kirov has crafted a wonderful book for tweens that will capture their attention. It is written about topics that seem to be of the highest popularity and will be interesting for those who read the Harry Potter series and other series like this.

Thank you Sourcebooks for this review copy.

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