Thursday, June 9, 2011

A new name for Worthless, A Hero is Born; Rocky Shepheard

This book was written in support for the organization Dogs Deserve Better. I must say that I have great appreciation for the fact that this author wants to bring to the forefront the fact that dogs need humane treatment.

This story is about a dog name Worthless (or at least that is what his owner calls him). His life is one limited to a chain in the backyard and a nasty dog house. Needless to say he is somewhat neglected. His friends free him and he is on a journey to find happiness when he stumbles into the life of a new person.

I won't give away the heartwarming story, but in the end Worthless is renamed.

My children most certainly learned that abuse or neglect of animals is not acceptable. This book came at an appropriate time as we just adopted a dog from the Humane Society foster care program. However, our dog does stay outside - and the general view in this book is for dogs to be inside. I realize that this is the feeling of many. When we adopted several years back from the Humane Society of Montgomery County (in Texas) we were told that our dog (A Huge Black Lab) had to stay inside. I do believe however, that inside or outside a dog must be loved and cared for - and our children go out at 6:45 every morning to love on our dog Sabrina.

Thank you to the author for this review copy.

I encourage readers to visit their website to learn more about this worthwhile organization and to see how they might help in supporting or otherwise help.

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