Thursday, June 9, 2011

PrayFit, Jimmy Pena

28 days to a stronger faith and a healthy body - too good to be true? - not with this book.

I am thankful that this book is not about conforming to the world's standards of weight loss but is focused on a whole person experience of fitness. Each day has four sections: 1. The Exercise: daily scripture readings with a study to help you dig deeper into scripture, 2. Pastor's Point: a few questions that make the reader think more in depth about the scripture passages, 3. Walking with Him: This is the spiritual exercise designed to help the reader develop a closer walk with the Lord, 4. Journal space for your thoughts on the passages and bible study. This is all followed by the fitness part.

I have greatly enjoyed the bible study part! However, the exercise was a bit intimidating to me. I am not physically fit at all. So when day one opened with an inclined push up my mouth dropped open! I did it though, and intend to keep trying to do more (I don't think 3 is a great number to start at, but three is good for someone who has had no previous exercise regimen other than chasing after toddlers all day. I do not think this book is discouraging in anyway. Rather it creates in the reader a desire to seek physical fitness as well as spiritual fitness.

In fact I found that the main emphasis is on the spiritual fitness, with the follow-up being the physical.

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy.

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