Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Blessed, Ann H. Gabhart

his book is excellently written. I enjoyed it from the very first page.

Young Lacy Bishop's life was a web of sticky mess that had her tangled in obligations she wanted nothing to do with. Would the Shaker Village be a way out of this mess?

As a young girl Lacy Bishop is sent to live with Mona and Preacher Palmer. There words of truth are spoken into her life and the scripture becomes her strong foundation. However, Mona dies just as Lacy is becoming a young woman and she and the orphaned girl (a baby that had been left on the door step of the Preacher's house) find themselves the center of church gossip. Preacher Palmer takes matters into his hands and convinces Lacy to marry him. Devastated and heartbroken but wanting to stay with the young child she has taken as her own she agrees.

On the other side is Isaac, the young widower of the judge's daughter. His life is turned upside down when his beloved wife dies. As they lay her body in the grave the judge vows to make Isaac's life miserable.

In the end all end up at the Shaker Village, searching for the truth and peace that will set them free. In that village truths are uncovered that rock Lacy's world. In the midst of the strange religion Lacy is pulled ever closer to God as the truth instilled in her by Mona echos in her heart. It is here that all those involved find a new life - and freedom from old things.

Truly an insightful story. I found it to be very eye-opening in regards to the Shaker religion and system of beliefs.

Thank you Revell for this review copy.

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