Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let God Change Your Life, Greg Laurie

Greg Laurie's candid open writing style makes this book an instant winner with any audience. Whether you are a new christian or have been a christian for a while this book will give you a new look at the christian life and what it means when God changes your life.

This book encourages a radical change in your life and your thinking - challenging that what is labeled as "radical Christianity" is what is really normal when Christ does change your life.

Using his own life and experiences Laurie does an excellent job of showing the grace and changing power of Christ no matter what your circumstances. While telling his story Laurie is careful to bring in lots of scripture to show how God works in a person's life.

The book is broken into three main sections: How to Know God, Discipleship, and Making Him Known. These are the three key areas most pastors try to cover with individual. But sadly enough these are also the three areas that many Christians in todays churches are lacking in (or at least in the last two areas).

This book is an excellent resources!

Thank you B&B for this review copy.

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