Friday, July 29, 2011

A Short Life Well Lived, Tom Sullivan

Brian O'Connor's perfect world is shattered by one uttered statement of the doctor. A baseball injury to his son Tommy would throw Brian O'Connor into a deep, dark nightmare of epic proportions.

In this moment Brian steps into the fiery furnace that will try his faith and call into question all that he believes. Being blind since birth Brian has faced many trials and obstacles, however, he has always come out on top. This time, facing the illness of his own son and seeing that son suffer he finds how weak his faith is as he watches his son struggle with cancer. He is forced to admit this is one thing that he can not overcome on his own.

Through a friendship with the chaplain at Tommy's hospital he is able to ask the questions that most trouble his aching heart. One of those being how a loving God could allow such tragedy into a young life.

This book is about a father's journey to restorative faith. The book is very emotional and will leave the reader in tears at times as this father tries to reconcile tragedy and love, pain and the good will of God.

I received this review copy from GlassRoads Publications.

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