Saturday, July 9, 2011

What the Bible is All About Handbook for Kids

This is a great resource for children. I found that it serves as an excellent tool for teaching children to search out what is in the bible. The book is in big enough type and language for children to read and understand.

The first 24 pages is dedicated to explaining that the bible is God's story written by many men in many books. It points out the flawlessness of the bible and ends with a section titled "How You can be a part of God's big story". In this section the plan of salvation is written out.

Following this each book is opened up with a description of the book, the writer, the title (this tells what the title means or how the book became titled as it is), and outline, a list of the main people and the location. The next pages have timelines, brief outlines of the chapters and the main points. These pages have interesting drawings which make it easy for kids to be engaged in the material visually.

This is an excellent starting point if you are trying to train your children to search out the scripture and use resources to find further information on the books of the bible.

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy.

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