Saturday, August 13, 2011

Anybody Got a Clue About Guys?, Susie Shellenberger

Don't let the out-dated 80's cover throw you! This book has been around a while but it is packed with timeless information for young girls.

During their pre-teen and teen years girls seem to lose their confidence in who they are. They begin to doubt that they are pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough, ect. to ever be liked by boys of their age. They long to fit into the social network they are daily surrounded with. They are bombarded by television shows, ads, movies, music, media, and magazines to be and act a certain way. In these tumultuous waters it is often hard to navigate and become settled in themselves.

This book gives them the tools to do just that. It is an excellent resource for girls that are entering this age. I would even recommend that mothers and daughters take time to read this together. Navigate these waters with your daughter, remember with her the feelings you had at this time in your own life. Let her know that this is normal and workable.

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy.

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