Friday, August 12, 2011

Eyes Wide Open, Brienne Murk

Avoiding the Heartbreak of Emotional Promiscuity....

What a timely book. There are so many resources out there about sexual promiscuity and abstinence. This book however, addresses the meaning behind the verse about guarding your heart.

With all the advances in technology the scene of dating has drastically changed over the past few years. Almost every teen carries a phone with texting and internet capabilities. Most have their own membership to a social networking environment such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. This creates a secret and separate world that parents are often not involved in. In this environment of not seeing people face to face teens feel more at ease to share with others in more open ways than they would do otherwise.

This book deals heavily with a person's thought life and what the bible says about this subject. I think that it is sad to admit that we prepare our children for physical interaction. Making sure we talk about sexual purity and protecting ones self this way. However, we neglect to talk to our children about emotional purity. Meaning we don't teach them that getting emotionally involved is just as dangerous as physically.

The danger being that the heart is being given away a piece at a time to whomever they are investing their emotions into. What a sad problem, and so incredibly dangerous.

If you want to protect your teen so that when they marry their spouse gets their entire heart, pure and whole - this is the book for you!!!

I will be sharing this with my daughters, and my sons. I want them to walk down the aisle one day emotionally and physically pure - with the heart intact. I want them to be able to present to their spouse a perfect gift of undivided love and innocence. I think in today's society innocence has been given a bad name.

"Even if we aren't having sex, endless cycles of dating and breaking up are...promiscuous. We are casually and indiscriminately giving away our hearts, one piece at a time"

Thank you Regal for this review copy! I have so enjoyed it!

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