Tuesday, August 2, 2011

River's Song, Melody Carlson

A story of finding one's self and coming to terms with one's heritage.

A found this story to be a little slow to begin with, but after sticking with it I discovered that the story was very heart-warming and sweet. After the death of her mother Anna Larson returns to her childhood home. This is the first time that she has been back since marrying her husband. A widow for 8 years she has lived under the cruel and prejudiced hand of her self-righteous mother in-law. Presumably penniless, Anna finds solice on the river in the company of her mother's friend Babbette.

The family store has long since been closed but within the walls of the store and home Anna finds the answers to her deepest questions about her own identity. After canoeing in her grandmother's canoe she runs into Hazel, a woman writing a paper on the natives of the area. Hazel is excited after finding out that Anna's mother was an indian and her grandmother had practiced the old ways. Convincing Anna to let her study the history of Anna's family.

Little did Anna know that upon accepting Hazel's offer that her life would turn completely around. In this story Anna finds the strength and pride she had long ago buried beneath shame and humility. In fact everyone who visits Anna's place finds healing of some kind. Ultimately this is a sweet story about love after heartbreak.

Thank You Glass Roads Publications for this review copy.

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