Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Big Picture Bible TimeLine,

Okay Sunday School Teachers and home school moms - if you are looking for a fun and interactive way to make biblical history come alive this is it! I love this book! The pages are reproducible so you can make multiple time lines. Why not turn you Sunday School room into a visual timeline? Allow children to explore history through pictures and to actually see how it all fits in together. I was expecting something a little different but was very pleasantly surprised when I opened the pages of this book. I am taking this in conjunction with our world history and adding events from secular history to the coloring pages so my children see that the biblical history is not isolated but that it is directly and intricately interwoven into all history. They can thus experience the far reaching impact of other cultures and christian cultures on the war and better understand what all was happening in the world at certain times in the bible. This is an outstanding resource for home school parents and Sunday School teachers. It could also be used in a Children's church setting as you explore the bible and it's characters.

Thanks to Gospel Light for this review copy.

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