Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Forgiving Our Parents, Forgiving Ourselves; David Stoop

Forgiveness is central in the Christian life and walk, yet it is one of the most complex things for us to grasp and come to terms with. Often we believe that we have readily confronted our past and pain and that we have forgiven ourselves and others only to find that somehow we are still carrying it around. In fact many of us live in a sort of self-induced denial, trying to deal with life the best we can yet not fully understanding why we are prone to bad decisions or thought processes.

This book deals with just that. It helps the reader to look objectively at their life and line it up with the scriptures to reveal the areas of work needed. It is difficult at times as the reader must dig up things they would rather not deal with and confront these issues head on in light of the scriptures. However the end result is one of true healing as the power of forgiveness is fully revealed and lived.

An excellent read for all people.

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy.

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