Saturday, October 8, 2011

The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible, Kenneth Boa and John Alan Turner

If you are a home school family looking for a great book for bible time during school this is it. If you are a family looking for a way to initiate bible study in your family or to continue this tradition - this is the book for you!

I absolutely love this book. I am so glad to have it in my library and am enjoying it each week. 52 weeks in the year - 52 bible stories that explore many aspects of life all ultimately pointing to the biblical truth that nothing that happens in without purpose according to the plan God has. I love it because one story is kept all week long Monday - Friday. This makes it excellent for the home school setting as you are studying one story at different levels all week long. So children get the idea of the scriptures securely cemented in their minds. They are divided as such:

Monday - a retelling of the story, adding the historical background to help make the story more understandable and real - even more applicable to the student and present day.
Tuesday - a short discussion about how this story has impacted our present-day beliefs.
Wednesday - A great day of how the story influences and shapes our values. I used this to ask my children how they could change their lives to line up more with what the scripture is teaching.
Thursday - this section talks about how our lives (actions) ought to change. Also a great conversation starter for you and your children to discuss certain behaviors or actions in your own lives that need to be changed to conform to scripture.
Friday - the conclusion and time for serious prayer about the impact of the story on the life of the individual.

A must have!

Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy.

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