Saturday, October 1, 2011

God Girl Bible, God's Word Translation

My daughter was excited when I told her that we would be receiving this bible as a review copy. In fact each day for several weeks she would eagerly await the mail to see if the package containing this bible was in the bundle of mail for the day. I don't think she could get it opened fast enough when it finally came.

I was unfamiliar with the God's Word Translation and so I was anxious to read it and see how it flowed. However, Anna beat me to it. She loved the ease of the language because she said it made it very easy to understand. She, in fact, said she thought it was close to her ESV. She also said on more than one occasion that this was her new favorite bible because of this very thing. Last year she had received an iShine bible that is printed by Tyndale, though she liked it she quickly shelved it because she did not care as much for the translation or notes. This is quite the opposite reaction to the God Girl bible. She devours the scriptures with this translation often stopping to make comments about certain scriptures as she is understanding the meaning easier with this particular translation.

I have enjoyed her conversation about the devotionals that are included, and the "Ask Yourself" sections. These have served as great conversation starters (and most moms would agree that this part of the mother/daughter relationship sometimes suffers during the pre-teen/teen years). She is eager to discuss these and her own personal thoughts. This has often opened the door to teaching moments but more so has allowed me to see into her heart and hear what God is writing on it. Another section that Anna has really enjoyed is the "Spiritual Self-Check" - in this section a girl is challenged to look at their life and see if there are things they need to change. She has shown significant spiritual growth and personal change by applying these things in her life. She is always excited to talk about the things that she is learning and the things she is working on changing. As a mom this is so great to see but it also serves as a challenge to myself to look at these same areas in my own life. In addition Anna has enjoyed the God Girl Stories about other girls like herself that are striving to serve God. In this world I think that often Christian girls feel like the odd man out - even in church settings. This has given her a new confidence in her Christian walk in knowing she is truly not the only one out there with these views and desires to serve God.

It has been a long time since my daughter was so excited about a bible. Though she has always done personal bible study and scripture memorization the tools in this bible are helping her to develop a new spiritual depth and understanding. I am glad to see her recommend this bible to others - simply because she loves the bible translation and wants other girls her age to have the same enjoyment when they read the bible.

In my daughter's own words - "This bible ROCKS! And it's even more awesome because you get to decorate it yourself!"

Thank you Revell for this review copy

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