Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where Wildflowers Bloom, Ann Shorey

This is book one of a new series entitled 'Sisters at Heart' and seems to be a promising opener for this series. Ann Shorey has yet again created a story that is heartwarming and easy to read.

The Civil War has devastated a country - leaving families destroyed, homes lost, dreams shattered and lives forever altered. Towns are changed as young men, fathers and sons never come home and others that have lost everything and are seeking a new start stumble into towns looking for work. It seems that everyone is dealing with a grief of their own - trying desperately to make it all work out into something new.

The story is the same for Faith Lindberg who lost her father and brother to the brutal cruelty of war. In her small town she is constantly confronted with the memories that lurk on every street and around every corner. To add to this her fiance, Royal Baxter is presumed dead. All the dreams that Faith had held so dear prior to the outbreak of war and the onslaught of loss are shattered and she longs desperately for a new beginning.

Left with her ailing and aging grandfather, Faith looks to move west. The problem is how will she convince her grandfather to sell the family store and move with her. In the midst of all this comes an unlikely ally - a veteran of the war and his sister, a nurse. As Faith gets to know the two she becomes aware that what God has planned for her is not what she has planned. Add to this the unexpected return of her fiance and you have a mix of all kinds of emotions.

How far will Faith go to see her dream of leaving behind the small town with all the memories go - will she slow down and ask God what He would have her to do?

See the story unfold in the vivid imagery classic of Ann Shorey.

Thank you Revell for this review copy.

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  1. Hi Abbie, I'm so glad you enjoyed Where Wildflowers Bloom! Thank you for the review. :)