Monday, March 19, 2012

Loves Sacred Song, Mesu Andrews

Mesu Andrews is an artist when in comes to weaving words into a rich tapestry of story. This book is multi-layered and so rich in the telling that what is seen on the surface or first glance is only a hint of the beauty. It causes the reader to ever more contemplate the beautiful but often over-looked book of the Song of Solomon.

Love is never an easy journey, in fact it is often wrought with deep valleys of trials and heartaches but equally it is filled with mountain top adventures in faith and shared dreams.

The sacred and ancient text of this beloved book of the bible is breathed new life in the fiction work of Mesu Andrews. For the first time we are invited into the lives of the characters of Song of Solomon. This is a fiction book that will time and time again drive the reader into deeper study of the bible.

Arielah - the treaty bride - captures the heart of the king. However, she quickly finds that life in the court of King Solomon is quite different than she envisioned as a shepherdess on the hills of her home. She had once seen King Solomon and fallen deeply in love with him upon first sight and it is to this innocent love that she clings.

The journey of Solomon and his queen is nothing short of fantastic and heart-wrenching. For in it is the truth of the ultimate treaty - the ultimate love - and the ultimate sacrifice.

Mesu Andrews has masterfully done it yet again! This is an excellent read that will leave you hungry for such a love as this.

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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