Friday, May 25, 2012

Always THere, Susan Besze Wallace

Hmmm....can't help but smile at books like this. Had to laugh at some of the devotionals and then set back in awe thinking "Has she been looking in my window" at some of the other devotionals! The diversity of motherhood is also universally and fundamentally the same. Though we all have unique stories the struggles are strangely the same. Get a group of mother's together and we can all share stories of long nights up with fussy infants, or terribly disappointing moments when our children have chosen to behave wrong. However, this book is quick to remind us of the God who is still on the throne and still with us no matter what. I have for a long kept a journal of my own mothering experiences which I have shared with other women. So this book is a lot like this. For I have found that along this journey of motherhood God has revealed himself more completely. I would say this is a book that needs to be in the next shower gift you send out. Thanks to Revel for this review copy.

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