Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Heaven in Her Arms, Catherine Hickem

Catherine Hickem has written a thought-provoking book on motherhood. Without exalting Mary to an unnatural platform of perfection Hickem has woven a story of a Godly woman who's pursuit of the Father's will and submission to the hard road led to a blessing of multitudes. Mary was not the first called to such a high calling of blessing multitudes but she has been the only one called to birth the Messiah. I have often wondered what a daunting task that must have seemed - and then wondered at the lessons that her own Son imparted to her. I put the book down longing to have the spirit of peace and assurance that Mary must have had and the spirit of quiet submission. A few words in scripture have long struck a chord in my heart, "and she pondered these things in her heart", I have wondered if this pondering of God's will is exactly what drew God to this young woman. This book is a great encouragement to women of child-bearing years. After all, even if we never have children of our own we will stand in the gap as someone's mother before we leave this earth. Thank you Thomas Nelson for this review copy.

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