Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rock Solid Faith Study Bible For Teens, NIV

I received this bible as a review copy from B&B Media. I am always excited about the opportunity review a new study bible, especially for teens and kids. Being a mother of five and a teen worker I am on the look out for new ways to help teens become more diligent about personal bible study. I think this bible will especially appeal to boys based on the "boyish" cover. However, the set-up would be great for a boy or girl. I like the featured sections in the bible - each on being a Rock Solid thing. The sections on Rock Solid Truths - offer a deeper exploration of the truths or foundation of our Christian beliefs. This will help newer Christians as they explore the depth and greatness of their Christian faith. The sections called Rock Solid Principles help teens to see how the bible and the truths presented apply to daily life decisions, challenges, etc. I think this is a vitally important since so many young people are pulled in different directions and are often unclear as to how such an old book could really apply to their lives today. The sections called Rock Solid Promises is very interesting. This showcases what the promises of the bible are as well as pointing out what is not a promise. These would be a great study in and of themselves as the promises of scripture are great memorization points. The section called Rock Solid Plans helps teens to understand that God has a plan for every life that He created. I love this!! So many teens seem lost and adrift in this world. Unshaken People, and Unshaken God show how God has an unchanging and truthful personality and that people can, with GOd's help overcome all things in their lives. This is an excellent and easy to ready translation of the bible with thought-provoking study notes that will drive teens to seek out scripture to apply to their own lives. Thanks B&B Communications

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