Sunday, October 7, 2012

She's Got Issues, Nicole Unice (book and DVD)

I got this book and had to smile at the cover. It really says it all. We all have issues - but shhhhh.....we don't want any one to know we have issues. SOoooo.... we cover it up under that "good Christian girl" facade and plaster on a smile and go through the motions giving all the right "churchy" responses to life while struggling to maintain our "Perfect" exterior we are falling apart on the inside. And so we struggle on the inside - silently - thinking we are all alone in this crisis of identity and self-worth. In this book Nicole Unice delves into the issues of being a woman in today's hectic, face-paced society. She pulls back the layers of lies that the enemy has heaped upon us, exposing the truth and setting us free to be who God intended us to be. This is excellent for a small group experience - and your small group will definately walk away changed. Also - it will bring to light things that women just don't talk about - letting some see for the first time they are not alone in the issues they face. A small group will leave with a strong group of supporters and friends as they face head-on the issues in their individual lives. I will say that this author has a candid and personal writing style that makes the reader feel as if they are visiting with a friend about everyday stresses and secrets. Thanks so much to the publisher for the free review copy of the book and DVD. I would highly recommend this to all church groups.

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