Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Genius of Ancient Man, Evolution's Nightmare, Don Lanids with Jackson Hole Bible College

I was excited to receive this book from the publisher as a review copy to add to our home school material. It is sometimes difficult to find material that is scientific in it's approach to countering the long accepted notion of evolution. Though there are great resources this one is wonderful to add your library (especially if you are one who likes to read Ken Ham's stuff on evolution and creation). This book is based on the belief that the Genesis account of creation is an absolute and solid truth - for us this was no problem. I especially liked how the authors slowly and systematically washed away the sandy foundation of evolution through proof (other than scripture) that shows the "genius" of the ancient man. Those who dismiss the biblical account as merely a myth of man can not within reason dismiss the evidence left in God's great creation of the fact that man did not simply evolve from a one-celled organism. This 108 page book is packed full of interesting facts, colorful photos, and historical information all assembled in an easy to read format. It is so neat to see that around the world they have found undeniable evidence of man's creative genius of the ancient man. In fact I do not remember being taught any of this in public school. Though I have not had the time to read this page by page, my older children and I have been using it already in sections in addition to our current Science curriculum. My children find it fascinating to be able to tell other kids that there is proof of everything in the bible. Although they have always taken the bible at face value they have been confronted by the world-views that are prevalent in the public school system. These views under-mine the authority and absolutes of the bible, creating grey lines and planting a seed of doubt in the minds of young children causing them to dismiss the bible as mere stories penned by man. This book ties biblical accounts directly to historical finds across the world. Absolutely astounding and well put together. I would recommend this for all people - it would also be an excellent resource for a children's worker, teen leader or Sunday school teacher seeking to tie history, science and the bible together to give children a tangible proof of the biblical accounts they so often read about. This will help them reconcile the world-views they are immersed in with the truth of God's Word. Thanks to MasterBooks for this review copy.

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