Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Marriage of Your Dreams, Rick Johnson

So you want to know why you feel like your in competition with you Mother-In-Law for the attention and love of your husband? Do you ever feel like it is a constant battle and though you seem to meet his needs there is still something missing...some part that you are just not fulfilling? This book will offer a kind look at what women can do to meet the needs of their men and make a marriage that sizzles from the inside out. Marriage is difficult enough on it's own with the daily trials, troubles and tribulation that will come your way. It is worth the 15 minutes a day it will take to read this book to see what easy, practical steps you can help to meet the "needs" of your husband and to better understand what shaped him. Maybe the key to understand your man really is locked up in his relationship with his mother - and maybe this will cause you to look closely at your own relationship with your son and how you are shaping him to be someone's husband in the future. I certainly don't want to be some girl's competition for my son - I want him to be free to pursue a great relationship with his wife - all three of my boys. Moreso - I want a marriage that makes people stop and say "Wow! I want that!" pointing at my husband and I. I want to be the one that he seeks out in a crowd and the one he feels safe pouring the secrets of his heart to, and the one he feels safe coming to when he has a "boo-boo" in life. Wonderful book based on scripture makes a great and easy read. Thanks Revel for this review copy!

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