Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man, Dave Woetzel

This is one of those must have books! I was so excited when we received this in the mail. The front cover design is beautiful and old-world style - it could easily be set out as a coffee table book. In fact ours set for a week on the end table for everyone to pick up, thumb through and enjoy. The inside art work is just as beautiful and interesting to look at. In fact there were times that my boys picked it up and to just look at the artwork and illustrations and wonderful pictures of artifacts. I have yet to meet a little one who is not curious about dinosaurs and dragons. In fact I would say that most adults hold some interest in dragons - this is evident in the number of movies as well as documentaries and shows that center around these mysterious creatures of the past. I did not know that the word "dinosaurs" was a relatively new term. This book is packed from front to back with interesting facts that will help your little one understand dinosaurs in light of God's creation and how these magnificent animals fit into the whole picture. I really enjoyed the little "extras" hidden in the book like "Make a Fossil", "Amber" and "Modern Animals - Dinosaur Bones" - these are little purple boxes filled with extra information or activities. It would be easy to take this book and use it for a week as lessons on dinosaurs and their history, beginning with Adam and Eve. What makes this book unique is that it is appealing to both older and younger children. There is something for everyone in these pages. I would like to thank Master Books for this review copy. I believe that the addition of this book to our home school experience will enrich the education of my children by helping them see that the literal creation recorded in Genesis is correct and that like other animals since these animals slowly died off. It will also help them to see that dragons (now called dinosaurs) really existed with men and that the stories recorded in ancient history is accurate.

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