Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Christain Mama's Guide to Having a Baby, Erin MacPherson

Expecting that first bundle of joy? Wondering what this who pregnancy thing is really going to be like? Maybe you are feeling a little overwhelmed, anxious even terrified from all the horror stories of 36 hour labors and emergency c-sections. This is the book that needs to find its way into your hands. Light-hearted and conversational, Erin has written a book that will be an easy read as you prop your tired feet up. I wish this had been in my pile of "must-reads" when I became pregnant with my first child over 12 years ago. Instead, I found myself pouring over "What to Expect While Your Expecting" (the clinical and practical book of pregnancy - which I still find myself reading everytime I get pregnant - and I am on child 6 now) and a pile of "how to parent" books that left me feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed. I really appreciated that Erin offered unbiased advice and information on every topic. So this book is not to preachy on breastfeeding or bottle-feeding or any other topic. That is what makes this book a universal fit. I also like how she references several opinions (with book titles and authors - if you want to purchase the additional books) without showing a preference to one or the other, but rather she points out the positives and negatives in each. This is the first of four in the 'Christian Mama's Guide' series, this author has tackled mothering all the way to grade school years. As a mom I have found that this journey of motherhood can sometimes feel a little isolated. This book brings this season into perspective and allows a tired mom to laugh a little. A mother will find that she is not alone and will be able to giggle as she relates to the topic or laugh out loud at some of the things she has not yet gone through. Life is better with a little laughter and this will add just that to your life. I do want to close with the fact that Erin has put in tons of practical advice as well and suggestions. Absolutely a must for the next shower you attend - just tuck it into the diaper cake your making or tape it to that package of diapers you bought. You will bring smiles to the new mother-to be. Thank you Thomas Nelson and Erin Macpherson for this review copy. I appreciate it so much and cannot wait to recommend it to others.

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