Thursday, June 13, 2013

65 Promises From God for Your Child, Mike Shreve

I fully believe in the power of the spoken Word of God. I also am in agreement with this author that if we are not actively speaking blessings over our children we may find ourselves speaking a curse over them. In today's hectic society where families are pulled by so many activities - and priorities are often askew of what God intended - such books are a necessary thing. This author relates through personal testimony the power of speaking God's promises into fruition in the life of he and his wife. I enjoyed this book because it can easily be used as a daily or weekly devotional. I have always prayed for my children - but in all honesty I do not think my early prayers were anything more than the "in the box" by "the script" prayers for safety and well-being. As I grew in the Lord (and by my 3rd pregnancy) I began to pray for AND with my children in a different manner. I began to seek out books that could be used as a spring board of seriously praying God's Word into and over the lives of each child. This is an excellent book for that, but I think this author has done something more than just give parents a topical list of scriptures to pray. This author has taken each scripture and outlined the meaning and power behind that scripture then follows this with a model prayer than can or can not be used. I especially enjoyed this part because it allows the reader to meditate on the Word and to search out for themselves what God has for them in each promise He has handed down. If nothing else - this book is good for any Christian in aiding them to memorize and verbalize scripture. I am fully persuaded that the enemy is VERY attentive to our spoken word and actions. Therefor to speak the blessings and promise of scripture into our lives, the lives of our children and family is a very powerful weapon. It notifies the enemy that he no longer has a right to that area of life - nor does he have any power. I can think of no greater way to show the love you have for your children than to pray God's word over them, to speak it to them, to lay hands on them and pray for them and to invite them in speaking the Word into their lives. In doing so your children will hide the Word in their hearts and in their dark days they will hear it echoed off the walls of their heart and it will bring them into remembrance of the great love of Christ. I highly recommend this book - in fact it would be an excellent baby shower gift for a new mom and dad. Thanks to Chosen Books for this review copy. I know it will be used time and time again and over the years it will have dog-eared pages and notes written in it.

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