Thursday, June 6, 2013

Claudia Wife of Pontius Pilate, Diana Willis Taylor

Claudia, the grand-daughter of the emperor, her life and future are in the hands of others. She has grown up in exile with her mother and grand-mother with no knowledge of who her natural father is. Soon she finds herself at the mercy of Emperor Tiberius, her mother's ex-husband, and the new emperor. She is moved to the palace and put under the care of her step-grandmother to await the date of her marriage. She soon finds her best friend to be an unlikely person and is wed to Pontius Pilate - a Roman soldier who is quickly appointed governor of one of the most difficult areas and people - the Jews. She finds her family in the midst of trials as her husband tries to keep the delicate balance of peace with the Jewish religious leaders and keep his head from the chopping block of Segenus and Emperor Tiberius. I have often read the biblical account of the death of Christ and felt a pang of regret for Pilate's precarious situation. However, never before had I given much attention to the fact that God's hand was in the palace the entire time. Although I had read about Claudia and her tormented night's of dreams it is so easy to skim over that. This book offers a deeper understanding of the impact of Jesus' ministry among the Gentiles and the far-reaching effect of his life and words. For truly in that day many a Roman must have been in conflict when confronted with the truth and with a man who was not after power or the over-throw of the Roman Empire but was more so after the hearts of the people. This is one of those books that make the reader want to go back and study the scriptural account of Pontius Pilate and go to historical books also. The story is powerful and moving...the book is difficult to put down. Diana Wallis Taylor has given character and life to a woman and a man that are glossed over by many Christian's today. Thanks to Revel Publishing for this review copy.

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