Friday, June 14, 2013

Holding Your Family Together, Dr. Rich Melheim

Pillow fights, reading, story-telling and blessings, blessings, blessings. This is one of those parenting books that pretty much trumps all other parenting books! Throw away your copy of the Baby Whisperer, get rid of Dr. Sears and all other books about bedtime rituals. This book is wonderful!! I am the mom that has said (for 12 years and 5 children), "Do not get the kids all riled up before bedtime", "No, stop running! No let's not wrestle".....well after reading this book - that is out! Yep at the Riddle household it is No holds barred - Pillow fights!!! Who knew activity before bedtime devotionals help to stimulate the brain to be more retentive and attentive to the Word - and helped to reduce cortisol in the brain thereby making it possible for new and healthy stem cells to be produced? Pillow fights, reading, story-telling and blessings, blessings, blessings!! Dr. Rich Melheim has a passion for reaching families, for empowering parents to impart the full blessings of God's Word onto their children. He lays out 5 easy steps to be implemented over a 6 week period that will dramatically change your family. Hungry for something different, ready for all the whining at bed time to start, ready for the little ones to sleep through the night??? This book is for you. God's word promotes peace. Talking promotes bonding and close open relationships. Prayer ties a family together and invites the Holy Spirit to move and to work. Reading develops the brain. Sharing helps children (and us big ones too) work through the difficulties of the day with someone we love, to pray for these things- and teaches us dependence on The One who holds everything in His hands. Sharing the highs of the day - give a time to worship a God who loves us. This is a book EVERY family should have. The author does more than just write a book though. He offers all kinds of resources - including links to his website and face book page. Since my children love ASL and are members of an a group that does praise music to ASL they especially enjoyed the week's focus verse set to music and sign. You are invited on a wonderful journey - and it's never too late to start! My children are 12, 9, 6, 5, and 16 months and we are expecting another Oct 2013. Although we have always prayed with and for our children and done bible studies there are new elements we have incorporated. A happier, healthy, more adjusted child is every parents dare to take the 6 week challenge and see for yourself what happens. Thanks so much for my friends are Regal Books who sent this wonderful book to me for review. I intend on adding it to my "books for baby showers" list.

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