Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Cup of the Harlot, Bob Morley

I found this book to be very well written. I was a little scared as I read the introduction offered by the author that this might be a little bit out there. He tells the reader to be prepared to see things in a different light - different than what we have been taught throughout our lives. However, I found that the author was very good at explaining things and used substantial biblical evidence to back up what he was writing. Being raised in a conservative religion I know first-hand that many subjects are simply glossed over, ignored or played down. Simply put - religion sometimes attempts to place God in a box. Things that seem unexplainable or that are too big for us to fathom are sometimes explained away. Morley takes all this and attacks it head on with great accuracy and in an easy to understand language. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and plan to re-read it when I have more time to slow down and contemplate the things he discusses. Thanks to PrimeStar Publishing for this review copy.

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