Monday, July 15, 2013

Pursue God and Pursue God Journal, Poncho Lowder

This would be an excellent resource for any youth leader, but would also benefit a parent who is seeking to help their child experience God in a more personal manner. I also think this would be an excellent gift to a new believer. Poncho Lowder does an excellent job of presenting material in a manner that is easy to understand. Each chapter is short, to the point, and filled with profound and thought provoking spiritual insight. I really appreciate the fact that this author took time to consider his audience when designing the lay out and graphics in the book. Teens are much like kindergarten children in the fact that they enjoy books that offer visual interest. This book is set up in a format that has interesting graphics and type set to keep the visual learner interested while still holding the attention of those who do not need the extra visualizations. This book is recommended with a journal that prompts students to write about what they are reading. As a youth worker, pastor's wife, Sunday School teacher, and mom I am a fan of journals. I believe that it helps to solidify the truth being taught and to help the student focus on how that truth applies to their lives. I read this book and completed the journal on my own to see how I would like it and how easy it was. Each section could be completed in around thirty minutes or less. As a parent I see this as an excellent tool to have time to read a section with my children then assign them journal time for them to think over the covered material and read additional scriptures. This helps to establish a bible study time for the student. Thank you Pastor Lowder for you insight and wisdom and for taking time to write such unique and useful resources. Thanks to Regal books for this review copy.

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