Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Kneeling Warrior, Dave D. Ireland, PHD

When we hear the word "warrior" we often envision a mighty battle ready figure - a tough guy - a person who stands against all odds and wins. When I first read the title of this book my interested was piqued - I wanted to get a copy and dive into it. In fact images of the mighty man of battle and epic King David came to mind. Scripture attests that he was a man after God's own heart. Though he won battles, conquered nations, defeated bears and killed a Giant with a single stone - this was a king who understood where true strength comes from. He understood that to triumph in life's battles we must first submit ourselves to prayer. We anxiously await our conversations with close friends. We quickly pick up the phone, text, or Facebook to interact daily and multiple times with people in our lives. But too often we push the time of prayer to an allotted 5, 10, 15 minutes a day; and too often this is as we are falling into bed and dozing off or as we hurry out the door to start our day. David Ireland teaches that the art of victory is to bow before the king each and every day. He shows the vital importance of our prayer time. So many Christians walk in a defeated state. Life seems to overwhelm them. They have worries a mile high, their anxiety levels are uncontrollable. Too many of these people say "God Made me this way", "God made me a worrier"....but Ireland exposes the lie behind these statements by exposing the truth of God's heart. Yes we were created by God - but He created us for victory. Believe me, worry, anxiety, failure and defeat are not a part of His plan. Yes, we will face difficulties, trials, tribulation and uncertain times but in the midst of these the warrior who kneels before the King will face victory in the face of defeat. So I challenge you to throw off the bonds of defeat and step into the arena a warrior - a victorious Christian. We can not win these battles alone or in our own power, but through prayer we receive the power that causes the enemies to fall. Thanks to Charisma House for this review copy!

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