Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Reluctant Courtship, Laurie Alice Eakes

I loved Eakes' series on midwives and was excited to get this latest book in her new series to review. I wish I had read the first in the series but found that this book could easily stand alone. The story opens with a perilous scene of danger and anxiously whispered prayers as Honore hangs from a breaking limb over the rolling ocean. The story goes from there and is a page turner the whole way. I enjoyed seeing how Honore's faith is tested and her character tried. As a woman of high society she has not lived up to the raising that she received. She has blotted her dance card with her previous entanglements with men of less that stellar character. Now she finds out that her father had arranged a marriage to a man that has a questionable past but is furthermore an American - and to her this is not acceptable. As the story unfolds we see this romance blossom and change as the two are continually thrown together. As is her usual style Eakes creates an enjoyable story that captures the reader and draws them in. Thanks to Revell for this review copy

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