Thursday, November 7, 2013

His Treasure, Sheri Rose Shepherd

This tiny little book is filled with inspiring and beautiful letters written to women as if from the hand of God. Scripture is laced throughout each letter and they are worded in such a way that it appeals to the heart of all women. Women long to know they are loved, wanted, appreciated, valued, and special. If you are looking for something to give to a lady that you know this would be perfect. I think it is a book that would be great to give a teen girl. In the throes of the teen years as she struggles to find her own identity and worth, as she struggles to define herself and to discover God's plan for her life this little book will inspire her to press on. It will remind her of her tremendous worth to the Father who created her. It will be a fresh breath in the midst of the pressure to fit in and be like everyone else. As I read this I was amazed at the beauty that was captured in each letter and loved the referenced scripture. I immediately told my own teen daughter that she needed to read the book. As a way to encourage this I left it on her vanity in the bathroom. Each morning when she goes in to get ready for the day and fix her hair she picks up the book and reads a small section. A few days ago I asked what she thought of the book. Her response: "Mom, this is the best little book I have read. I love the letters from God!!" and then she began to tell me the favorite parts she had read so far. I am thankful for books that cause my daughter to remember her worth to God. I am thankful for books that open opportunities to talk to her about how very unique and special she is. I am thankful for books that cause her to look into scripture and to explore God's character and bask in His love. Thanks to Tyndale for this review copy.

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