Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Spirit of Python, Jentezen Franklin

This one is hard for me to write a review on. I am not sure that I completely agree with every point that this author makes - or his application of scripture. I have decided that this is a book that needs to be read with prayer. I first agreed to review it because of the subject and being in ministry thought this book could be beneficial. It is filled with a ton of information about the enemy's strategy to strangle the life out of a believer. However, I have to say that I believe every believer has the right to speak the truth of God's word to others. In fact I believe that is a responsibility of believers to do just that. However, it is a must for leaders in ministry to speak this truth - they are required by the very word of God to do just this. However, over all I think this is a great book on spiritual warfare and would be a good resource for this section in a library. I enjoyed how he had the book broken down into three easy to read sections. This made the book easy to study and even easier to go back and reference a section. Thanks to the publisher for this review copy.

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