Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Illustrated Family Bible Stories

Yes! This is one of the best bible stories books I have on my shelf!!! I am always amazed - though by now I should be used to the high standard and quality of books produced by this publisher - at the excellency of the books! This book is comprised of 200 illustrated events from the Old and New Testaments. With 6 kids ranging from ages 13 all the way down to 5 months I really appreciated the high gloss pages that stand up to wear and tear as well as oreo cookies smeared hands. This book easily became a family favorite because it is not geared toward a certain age level as many books similar in nature are. This one has information that young ones can understand and enjoy but still has neat facts and fun information for the older ones as well. I would readily recommend this to a new Christian - young or old simply for the commentary on the sides of the page. Further more it makes an excellent book to add to your history section if you are home schooling as it explains many different aspects of history and such. Another aspect that I really appreciated in this book is that not only were the pages designed to withstand years of wear and tear it has a built in book mark. No more questions about where we were at the night before when we put the book up. This is a very thoughtful and nice addition to this book. Every page has wonderful full color illustrations and a story then on the side has additional maps, commentary and explanations of various points in the story or surrounding the story. This is one of those books that you will certainly want to add to your collection but also one that would make an excellent gift to a young family. Thanks to New Leaf Publishing for allowing me to review this books in exchange for an honest review. Please visit their site for more information and products

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