Sunday, April 6, 2014

What Follows After, Dan Walsh

Okay - So Dan Walsh is one of my favorite authors. I began collecting his book after becoming a book reviewer a few years back. When I see his name pop up on my email I immediately open it up and sign up to review it. Only once was I even slightly disappointed in a story written by this author. However, Dan Walsh may have out done himself in this one!! This book is a hard to put down, heart-pounding, action packed, page-turner of a book!! It is even difficult to write an adequate review without spoiling the entire story. I am a mother of 6 children and one of my greatest fears is kidnapping (the other being a child being run over) - and being a mom that lost a baby I already am familiar with that crushing weight of loss. That agonizing moment when you know that your life has been turned upside down and all the pretense of living comes crashing down and you are left with the stark realization of a reality you DO NOT want to face or deal with. Yet life must progress, you must get up, you must take that step and put one foot in front of others - life must be faced. Imagine a family that looks perfect on the outside, but inside there is hidden turmoil. A web of lies and deceit so carefully constructed that no one would ever guess the truth. Then two small boys hatch a daring plan to bring the walls of their Jericho tumbling down. Too bad that the enemy of this world also has a plan and things go terribly, terribly wrong. Suddenly the parents are faced with the truth - their web of deceit has become a tangled mess of hurt and destruction. Only the Lord can deliver this couple and their son's out of the midst of this storm. Faith alone will keep them from being drown by the waves of despair and defeat. Forgiveness and love must repair the breach, it must be the threads that bring this family together and set things right. A new unity must be formed and the Father of Truth must become the anchor and center of their world. So - you the reader are invited to have your heart strings plucked, your pulse pound, your emotions be pushed to the breaking point. And - ultimately - you are invited to ask yourself the question - what matters most in life and are you pursuing it. Dan Walsh opens the readers eyes in a unique way to the hurting hearts of children - and how easy it is for parents to over look the tender spirits that they have been entrusted with when they have their eyes set on themselves and their own wants and desires. Thank you to Revell for this review copy - I enjoyed it so much!

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