Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Persecuted, Robin Parrish

Robin Parish writes excellent suspense novels. I enjoy her style and plot development. However, I do not think her true creativity or freedom to develop a story was best shown in this piece of work. Maybe it was because she had the perimeters of a movie plot line to stay within in or maybe it was because she had to develop a story line based upon a someone elses work. Even so the book explores religious persecution in America - what it might look like. I do find it plausible that a well-known preacher be set up to fail, though I do not know about being framed for murder. That has always been the enemy's strategy. If he can cause a leader of faith to fall from grace then those weak in faith will come to question their faith and the leader will come to a crisis of faith. This book will certainly entertain you and cause you to think about the possibilities of persecution here. Even now we are seeing the subtle clues of this type of thing coming down. As the right to pray in schools was taken, and Christian freedom of expression is constantly under scrutiny. As Christian phrases are quickly becoming non-tolerated in public places, and expressions of Christianity or a Christian world view are forbidden to be expressed in school papers and school forums from elementary to college. This book brings all this to a front that will make your heart pound - will you be silent when the time comes - or will you stand firm on the faith of your fathers? Will you become complacent and luke warm in your faith to maintain your position? Or will you stand, and in standing understand that you put at risk everything you hold dear on this Earth - including your freedom? Very thought provoking book. Thanks to Bethany House for this review copy. Thank you to Robin Parrish for her effort to put into print a movie based book.

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