Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Waiting, Cathy LaGrow

I was attracted to this book because of the cover art I was sure at first glance that this would be about a Jewish survivor, but it is a far cry from that. This is a story about a choice to keep a life and how that life changed the course of another life. It is the story of God's healing, love, forgiveness and His unsurpassed grace in the midst of our lives. It is about the crimson thread of love that binds people together and brings them through things. In 1928 a young innocent girl went to a picnic; expecting a normal day with her friends 16 year old Minka never imagined the tragedy that would rip through her life that very day. At that picnic in the scenic woods this young girl was assaulted by a man in the woods. This shame left her wrecked, wounded and aching - but months later the hurt and shock were compounded when she found out she was pregnant. Pregnant and unwed in a time that the three letter word that begins with "s" was not even mentioned in the company of close girl friends and certainly not discussed, Pregnant and unwed in time when such things were highly unfavored. She was sent to live off with others. Then when the child came it was put up for adoption - a heart breaking sacrifice for a young mother so her child can have a life she deserves. And this is just the beginning of the journey. For years she hung onto the memories of that sweet baby. For years she begged God to give her the opportunity to meet the precious child that she had given up. She begged Him for the chance to see that child just once. This is the story of ultimate waiting - who of us would have the patience to continue to pray and wait on God for 80 years?!? Yet Minka did just that - until one day, in her old age, past the time of ever thinking such a miracle would happen God shows up in His perfect timing and reunites mother and daughter in a beautiful way. Forgiveness, grace, love, mercy, mending, healing, being poured out and broken, picked up and restored - Our God is a God who both hears and answers our prayers. This story is proof of just that. This book is a true story that reads like a novel and could easily be a movie that would appeal to the masses. It is one that you will certainly need the tissue boxes handy for and one that will change your life. Thanks to the publisher for this review copy.

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