Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Women of FOrtune, Kellie Coates Gilbert

Okay, honestly I found this a little bit difficult to read. Maybe it was because it opens up with a family that is so wrapped up in their wealth that they do not even see the real world around them. Or maybe it was the entire plot that was hard for me to get into. The first few chapters focus on developing the back story of the main character, Claire. She is a wealthy woman who does not bat an eye at dropping money for anything that her heart desires. Her children are ungrateful, hateful and prideful. Her life is one of ease and her attitude is a little snobbish. However, that all quickly changes when her husband is arrested and sentenced to prison. Yes, that world of ease and luxury is quickly smashed into a thousand pieces. Within a short amount of time Claire loses it all, her standing in society, her money, her home and her family. The man that she adored and put her trust in was behind bars and she was left alone, despised, forsaken, cast out and broke. At first it appears that this will be a story of a whimpering rich woman turned poor; but then it turns into a story of a woman who overcomes and turns her life around. Though few of us could directly relate to Claire as far as the money and wealth - many of us could relate to having a crisis that changes our life. Claire must decide what matters most in life and how to protect those things. Good character development and plot development is evident in this book. And though it was a slow start I can say that over all I enjoyed this book. I am anxious to read new work by this author. Thanks to Revell for this review copy.

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