Thursday, June 26, 2014

Finding Spiritual WhiteSpace, Bonnie Gray

Bonnie Gray has written a book that is applicable to almost everyone I know. Though not everyone has had a traumatic childhood we have all had trauma of some sort. We have all been pressed down on, pulled at, driven to our knees. In her book Bonnie addresses the very real need for finding time to rest. I am a mother of 6 small children, a Pastor's wife and Sunday School teacher - and I home school all 6 of my little ones. I have to have things written in my calendar or they do not get done! Down to grocery shopping and voice lessons. I keep track of a million little things not just my own things but everyone else too. For me the idea of rest is a nice thought - but where do I squeeze it in? This book was a welcomed read as it lays out practical ways to find this rest and journalling prompts and activities to try. I am going to be sharing this with all my other mom friends and girl friends. In today's hectic busy world we all need a lesson on how to make time for rest. Thanks to revell for this review copy.

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