Thursday, June 5, 2014

Overwhelmed by God, Steve Mays; Regal Books

Pastor Steve Mays shares his personal experiences with the things of this world. He shows that God's grace out weighs all the evil of this world. What a wonderful book to read as a reminder of God's amazing love for His people. There are times that trials and tribulations of this world crash in like a tsunami, sometimes they roll in like tides before a hurricane, sometimes they creep in on us then over take us. Either way all of us have been overwhelmed by the troubles we face at one time or another. We have all felt the common feeling of treading water, barely staying above the swelling waves, barely able to see the horizon in front of us. Steve Mays opens the bible to explore what God's word has to say about these times in our lives and how we should deal with them. This is a great book to read and apply to life. Thanks Regal for this book review.

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