Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nowhere to Turn, Lynette Eason

Yes, Lynette Eason has done it again. This author never seems to fail when writing a novel that will deliver suspense and action all wrapped in on great read. This is a book that is very difficult to put down so I suggest a weekend read that can be enjoyed without interruption. An abusive husband and a wife that is afraid for the safety of her son set up the story that will keep the reader anxious at every turn to find out the conclusion. When Danielle Harding decides to run from her husband she does not expect that he will mysteriously die that same time. Strange - but then again - could this be just the blessing that she had hoped for? Coming home under the false hope that in fact she is finally safe - the real action and terror begin. It turns out that her husband had been involved with some not so good people. In fact that he had stolen something from some very interesting people, and these people want it back. Running becomes her only option. With no where to turn she seeks help from Adam Buchanan of Operation Rescue. Will she ever be truly safe again? Well - I guess you will have to jump into this story and ride the roller coaster of emotions to find out. Thanks to Revell for this free review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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