Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Lifelong Love, Gary Thomas

Do you long to see your marriage grow? I am not talking about merely surviving marriage. Nor am I talking about saving a marriage in trouble. I am talking about making a marriage thrive, grow in the Lord and become a shining testament of His goodness. This book is a wonderful book for couples looking to enhance their marriage. I enjoyed studying it and can not wait to recommend it to other couples I know. Several years back my husband and I read and did the bible study Sacred Marriage. This bible study and book was beneficial to both of us and everyone that came to the study. I am hoping to see this book impact many couples who are seeking to better their existing marriages. An added benefit to this book is the discussion and reflection questions for couples. This will provide an opportunity to talk with your spouse and discover more about their thoughts on marriage and the current season you are in. Thanks to the publisher for this review copy.

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