Tuesday, December 23, 2014

44 Animals of the Bible

It is like Christmas everytime I open a package from New Leaf Publishing!! My kids try to beat each other to the door to grab the package so they can be the first to get the book. This one, like the Bug book, was a favorite of my boys. What surprised me more, though, was how captivating it was for my 1 and 3 year old and even held the attention of my 13 year old. More than once I found the book tucked under someone's math book as they were sneaking "reading" time when they were supposed to be working out math problems. Each of the animals (some ancient and extinct, some still alive) has a beautiful picture and great description of the animal and how it was used during biblical times. The importance of book like this for me is that it brings to life the Word of God. Makes things more understandable and real for my children. Now for the first time they can go to a book and see a colorful photo and full description of animals such as the asp when they run across the word in biblical text. This is a book that everyone needs. Thanks to the publisher for this wonderful review copy.

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